• Priced per server - The pricing is based per host server, meaning you pay a flat fee no matter how many VPSs you put on it.

  • Virtualization Options - Virtualizor supports supports OpenVZ, Xen PV, Xen HVM and Linux KVM virtualization.

  • Ready Made OS Templates - Virtualizor offers more than 100 OS templates that include four different Linux server configurations. Just a few clicks and the desired OS template is downloaded and automatically installed on your VPS.

  • Networking - Manage IP Pools and put networking restrictions in place. Virtualizor also supports IPv6.

  • Clustering - Easily create clusters and monitor the resources that are used by the master or slave servers in real time.

  • Backup and Restoring - Easily backup whole VPSs and restore them to a fully functional state.

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